About Us

HEXIS is a full-service leader in developing customized digital learning and training solutions for our clients. The HEXIS platform includes an intuitive learner interface, a powerful administrative dashboard for tracking and compliance, and a content curation board for building pathways. Throughout the design, build, and implementation, HEXIS’ Professional Services team, will provide a seamless experience. 

Hexis comprises professionals with experience in workforce training and growth, higher education, and software development with a passion for creating systems that empower individuals and communities to advance their knowledge and skills.

We wake up every morning determined to help others achieve their full potential. In everything we do, every product we make, and every client we work with, we know that humans have an innate capacity to thrive. They just need opportunity and guidance.

Benefit Your Team

> Lower training costs

> Increase access and throughput

> Improve organizational and cultural adoption

> Stay focused on your core competencies

> Remove educational design and tech barriers

> Increase engagement with professional instructional support

Benefits of Software


Personalized educational pathways that meet learners where they are and help them get where they are going following
the most efficient route.

Reduce time to competency

Pathways are customized so learners do not spend time with content they already master.

Lower cost of skill development

Use of public domain resources whenever possible and process automation results in cost effective training.

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